Observe the horses in action at Firehorse Haven.

My DVD shows my philosophy on horsemanship in action, set to music with some explanatory text overs. It is not an instructional DVD in the usual sense however, depending upon where you are in your journey with horses, you will get insights into what it takes to get horses doing the things you see on it. Running time 1 hr : individual horses, 2-3 horses, 7+ horses plus 20 mins of exceptional extras as an added bonus if you click on the menu, as they do not play automatically.
Investment $40 + p&h. Add $5 postage and handling within Australia or $10 outside Australia for 1 or 2 DVDs. Contact me for postage on larger orders.


***Price of this DVD may be deducted off a lesson or clinic with me also if proof of purchase is presented.


Proceeds from the sale of this DVD go towards the care of these horses.


Ideal present for your horse-mad friends and relatives.

This is a PAL format DVD which will not play on NTSC players in the USA but can be viewed on computers with the appropriate software which can be downloaded for free if you haven’t got it.

Australian and overseas customers Amount : $40 for DVD plus $10 p&h.



Amount : $40 for DVD plus $5 p&h
Bank : Westpac
Account Name : Michelle A Dennis
BSB Number : 734-613
Account Number : 519115
Please email or phone 0408709515 with your return address details.


Payable to : Michelle Dennis
Amount : $40 for DVD plus $5 p&h
Send to : Michelle Dennis PO Box 40 Harrisville Qld 4307 AUSTRALIA with your return address for DVD included.

DVD Reviews and Letters

“I’ve been a horse addict for years and seen many exceptional DVD’s from Cavallia to some of the original horsemanship masters. What Michelle achieves with her mixed herd of rescued horses is beyond amazing. Her DVD is up there with the best of them – one viewing is not enough.”

Jacqueline Thompson

Director | EQUUS 101 Pty Ltd

Hi Michelle,
I have viewed your DVD and must congratulate you on an amazing product. I was not bored for one second and will definitely watch it again (and again). I envy your athleticism. I would love to be able to jump up on my horses back and just ride around. Getting out all the gear sometimes feels like too much hard work these days.


Hi Michelle,
Absolutely fab!! I finally got one of my students to show me how to email! Your dvd is out of this world, no one is doing anything like that since JD Wilton and he has been dead about 20 years, do you know who I am talking about? I think you must because what you do is so similar. I have his book here! You should be getting a couple of orders because I am working on it. I saw your ad in Horses and People magazine, Maxine who owns that business is a good friend of mine and she used to ride my horses. I have looked at your dvd 5 times. Wonderful!!!!
Your dvd is so different to what is being done with horses these days, it gives a real insight to what can be done with the animal, every one who has a horse should try to bring out their smarts as you have done with your dvd, I do not think the average horse owner really knows what they are capable of if a bit of time was taken with them as you have done! Compared to what is on the market these days in instruction videos and DVDs, yours is way ahead, I am just going to watch mine again.!!


This is a DVD that challenges us to think about what we do with horses, and why, and poses the question ‘What’s in it for the horse?’
Michelle and her team of horses, ponies and donkeys give you more than a glimpse at the possibilities when you take the time to really listen to what the horses want.
Horses are capable of understanding and doing much more if given the opportunity. With a little imagination, a few verbal and visual cues, and a few minutes a day with a heart-mind connection, and the possibilities are endless.

This is a beautifully and professionally presented DVD with over 100 minutes of inspiration and insight into how much fun you can have with horses. It is introduced and interspersed with thought provoking philosophies and questions from Michelle – my favourite being “Horses are masters at discerning energy and thoughts – all we have to do is master our energy and thoughts”.
The footage was filmed over the changing seasons at Michelle’s property, showing you how healthy equines share herd life and time with Michelle. When you get your copy, remember to watch the ‘Exceptional extras’ available at the end. It shows the horses at play, grooming, feeding and resting, giving insights into herd behaviour with a diverse bunch of equines.

This is a DVD for those who want to blaze their own trails….. with happy horses.

Every copy you purchase goes towards the upkeep of rescued equines and educating people about the possibilities with horses. They are now available from the Natural Horse World Shop or direct from Michelle at

review by Cynthia Cooper

Inspired horsemanship for humans….. by horses