Links – This site is published by Cynthia Cooper, an Instructor of Good Horsemanship and Natural Horse Care, who is dedicated to helping people understand the physical, mental and emotional well being of the whole horse.
Visit her web shop for ‘horse endorsed’ products such as bitless bridles, books, dvd’s and much more – Isabell Shipard’s books are a valuable source of information for those who would like their family and animals to be healthy.  – every family should have a set of these self-care books by Don Tolman if they want to be healthy. Let thy food be thy medicine…. – Dr Peter Esdaile has made some startling discoveries about what is impacting the health of people and animals and is now running clinics to teach us how to do some simple things to release the innate healing of the body and get major health improvements for ourselves and our animals. – Dr Michael Bascombe providing a broad-based approach to maintaining your animal’s health, incorporating the experience of 20 years in regular Veterinary practice with over 10 years in the field of Natural Therapies. Also teaches courses on Intuitive Communication with animals. Seeing what the horses do at these clinics has to be seen to be believed, a whole new level beyond most types of horsemanship

Inspired horsemanship for humans….. by horses